An Introduction to Alexander Montessori School

Alexander Montessori School is a small, independent Montessori school which has been serving the greater Ottawa area continuously since 1984.   The School is situated in the Heron Park area of Ottawa, a short distance from parks, nature areas, museums, a library, and recreational facilities which the children of Alexander Montessori School use on a regular basis.

Alexander Montessori School is committed to following the pedagogical guidelines established by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).  All directresses in the school are AMI trained and all of the materials used in the school are those sanctioned by AMI.  Alexander Montessori School is a non-denominational school and enrollment, subject to available space, is open to all.   Staff members of Alexander Montessori School are strongly encouraged to be active participants in Montessori societies and organizations and to attend workshops and Montessori conferences in Canada and the United States.   The staff is firmly committed to safeguarding and improving the high standards which have being placed upon the pedagogical practices of the school.   All staff members work hard at providing a family-like atmosphere and values for all of the children.



Alexander Montessori School believes that every child deserves a gifted education - an education for life.  The School has been providing that help to life for the past twenty years