School Events and Activities 2003-2004 School Year

Below are photos from some of the school activities and events held in the past school year

Outing to the Billings Estate Museum - May 28, 2004

All of the children visited the Billings Estate where they were shown the kinds of activities and games played by children in the mid-1800's and got the opportunity to try their hand at writing with quill pens.

Mother's Day Tea on the Grounds of the Billings Estate - May 14, 2004

All of the children and their mothers (and some grandmothers) enjoyed a 'high tea' under the tent on the grounds of the Billings Estate Museau.  This was a first for our school in that, in previous years, a Mother's Day tea was held at the school with the children preparing and serving tea and sandwiches.

Christmas Concert and Pot Luck Supper

Both the Children's House and Elementary children performed short 'plays' and sang for the entertainment of all.  The concert was followed by an always enjoyable 'pot luck supper'.

Introduction to Yoga for Children - Fall/Winter

A series of sessions were given by Christine Garand to teach some of the basic aims and techniques of yoga.  Both Children's House and Elementary  children participated in the program.

MonArt Drawing Classes at Alexander Montessori School - Fall/Winter

Victoria Collins of the Monart Art School of Ottawa presented drawing lessons to a group of enthusiastic children from both programs over a several week period in late fall, early winter.

Halloween Celebration - October 2003

This is always a very popular and fun day for the children when they get to wear their special costume and participate in the preparation of the pumpkins for the school.